Salzburg… A city filled with history, beautiful gardens, and a world famous chocolate… Mozartkugel!

This city was a perfect base for visiting Hallstatt and Berchtesgaden National Park (Click here to read about our trip to Berchtesgaden)  Salzburg is a city with beautiful Baroque architecture and shops selling chocolate named after the one and only, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Ever since I saw the 1984 movie Amadeus, I instantly fell in love with his life story and his music. Who doesn’t love a Mozart classical pick me up or a bring me down like my favorite,  Mozart’s Requiem (Lacrimosa).

Salzburg’s two towns are divided by the Salzach River. We stayed in the new town and across the river is the old town called Altstadt. The first thing on our list was to visit Mozart’s birthplace. We actually had no idea where it was located and our wifi was pretty slow. So instead, we decided to walk around Altstadt and do a little shopping at Getreidegasse, a very quaint and popular street with big brand shops and charming cafes. During our stroll, I stopped by one of my favorite clothing stores, Mango. I was so happy since they don’t have this store in Georgia. After walking out from Shopping Heaven, I saw a throng of people looking up at a yellow building. I was like, “what are they staring at?!” Lo and behold…it was Mozart’s birthplace! You can imagine how happy I was at this point…Mango and Mozart’s home all in one place. It was all too perfect!

No pictures were allowed in Mozart’s home, but inside you’ll find items that once belonged to him, such as his fancy shoes, rings, books, first piano and violin, and even clippings of his own hair lol. You get to see the music he composed as a child and paintings of him. My favorite part was standing inside the room where he was born! Definitely put this museum on your Salzburg to-do list!

Our next adventures in Salzburg consisted of stumbling into more quaint little streets filled with colorful flowers, white Baroque buildings, statues, and a big cathedral. The city is quiet at night, and the sound of church bells ring through it day and night. It’s a lovely little place sure to steal your heart.

During one of our days in Austria, we decided to take a trip to Hallstatt. We were unsure of the weather that day and hoped for sunny, clear skies. But we just went with the wind and took a bus down to this dreamy lake. When we got there, the first thing I wanted to do was strip nakey and take a little dip into this romantic lake filled with swans and float at peace. The beautifully preserved, old wooden houses layered on top of each other and were surrounded by magical emerald green forestry. The alpine landscape in the background turned this place into a real life, romantic fairytale.

Scott and I were ready to cruise the lake, so we hopped on the cutest little boat owned by a family that lived there and took sail. Big smiles were on our faces, and I couldn’t help but laugh because it was these moments that we live for! So here I was with my boo, the cutest boat captain ever, surrounded by nature and swans. Luck was in our hands that day because no one was on the lake, just the two of us. At one point, we questioned if we should be worried because, where was everyone?! lol Skies did get cloudy and the wind picked up a bit, but the sun was still shining, so we kept riding. On our boat ride, we laughed, we kissed, relaxed, explored, and lived! Hallstatt, you hidden gem.

Enjoy pictures of our happy souls below!







M i r a b e l l g a r t e n . Remember Sound of Music? Do-Re-Mi scene was filmed here.


H o h e n s a l z b u r g   C a s t l e  sits on a hill that gives a stunning view of the city! We walked through an old cemetery, which was also fun to look at, but our minds were set on the castle. So we hurried before it stormed! fullsizeoutput_676fullsizeoutput_669fullsizeoutput_1011fullsizeoutput_6a4fullsizeoutput_1007fullsizeoutput_705fullsizeoutput_629fullsizeoutput_3d3

S a l z b u r g   C a t h e d r a l  fullsizeoutput_665fullsizeoutput_647fullsizeoutput_64a

F r i e d   E l d e r f l o w e r  with a side of homemade vanilla ice cream.


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