Fairytale Dreaming in Berchtesgaden National Park

If fairy tales are real, then this dreamy park in Germany has to be one. It’s a place filled with pure magic. You look around and your delicate pupils catch a glimpse of the clear, glimmering lakes with different shades of blue, along with the beautiful mirror-like reflections of the mountains on a sunny day. You are in a real life Bob Ross painting, and you never want to leave. The sound of a waterfall nearby fills your soul with energy. The high-pitched singing of the birds mesmerize your ears, along with the soft winds that feel like a lullaby to your body. You inhale fresh mountain air. It‘s rejuvenating.

I like finding parks that fill my heart with joy and pastures that let my body run free as fast as it wants. My head was in the clouds that day, and that’s where I like to be… just me and nature.

This park was the highlight of our trip. Going there wasn’t even in our plans. Three days before our trip, I remembered I had saved a picture I saw in a magazine two years before. So I crossed my fingers and looked up where the park was located. Coincidentally, it was only 45 minutes away from Salzburg, the city where we were staying! I immediately added it to our itinerary and voila! This place was unreal. Very much like a fairytale.

There is a lot to do at Berchtesgaden National Park, but Lake Königssee and Lake Obersee are where the magic happens. We were blessed with so much beauty around us that we were happier than a bird with a worm! With every step we took, our hearts skipped a beat or two because duh, what heart wouldn’t with all this green, alpine perfection around us.

Scott and I walked around our favorite, Lake Obersee, and let me tell you… the views get even better! You are in for a treat once you reach the other side. 

So after a 45 minute hike and after stopping at every corner to take a picture, we finally made it to the other side of the Lake Obersee. We were hungry, but luckily when we reached the other side of the lake, we found this cute little cottage called Fischunkelalm. An aroma of freshly-baked bread floated in the air, and it made my tummy very happy! Everything they had was homemade and produced locally. They had beer, a big glass of fresh milk or buttermilk, apple juice, and bread served with raw cheese. It was wonderful! This place was beyond beautiful, and it felt like we were at Heidi’s grandfather’s home.

After we stuffed our bellies with fresh homemade goodies, we wanted to take a dip in the lake, but the water was 13°C. So instead, we just dipped our legs and then pranced around the cottage and lake because we’re still kids, right? I also tried smelling every flower possible and hugging every alpine tree I could. Fish were swimming without a care in the world, embodying a tranquility I had been searching for. Feeling undeserving of all this beauty around me, I sat on a perfect rock that had a better life than me. And I let my mind meditate. The trees leaned over me as if trying to eavesdrop. It was soothing. There was a moment when I didn’t have a worry in the world except deciding which flower to pick and which butterfly to catch. It might sound cheesy, but it was perfect. Even the butterflies were so friendly that you could put your hand in the air and they would land on your finger. Magical!


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