Romantic Prague

One of my favorite things about traveling abroad are the road trips! I love long, scenic drives through the European countryside because you get to see a quieter side of the continent that you don’t really get in the cities. You ride past people doing farm work, families hanging their laundry outside their cozy cottage, endless flower fields, cows grazing on the grass, beautiful mountains watching the human and animal activity below…I don’t know about you but my mind enjoys a mellow drive away from all the hustle and bustle.

During our stay at my dad’s house in Weinheim, Germany, Scott and I decided to take a trip to Prague, Czechia because we wanted to immerse ourselves in another fairytale. So, we packed our bags and headed out on a 6 hour bus ride to Prague. My dad dropped us off at the bus station in Heidelberg, which is one of my favorite cities in Germany (Blog post about Heidelberg coming soon!) We hopped on a FlixBus and headed our way. Now, if you are wondering about the bus, I give it two thumbs up! It’s comfortable. They provide charging outlets. And most important, there’s a bathroom on board!

Once we made it to Prague, we grabbed our bags from the bus and stepped foot into the city…except that we got off the wrong bus stop and then realized we didn’t have service to take a uber/lyft to our hotel, and we forgot to exchange money since they have a different currency. We looked like two lost tourists looking for help haha. Good thing our hotel was only about about a mile-and-a-half away. But with heavy luggage, the walk felt long and became sweaty lol. Luckily, our walk turned out pretty nice as we crossed a bridge over the Vltava River and walked past famous buildings (including the renowned postmodern building, the Dancing House pictured below). This only made us more excited to explore the city!


We were going to be in Prague for only three full days, so we tried to soak in as much beauty as possible. We visited Old Town, St. Nicholas’ Church (the astronomical clock was under maintenance unfortunately), and the Klementinum, which is a dreamy baroque library. It reminded me of the library that the Beast surprised Belle with in Beauty and the Beast! We couldn’t take pictures inside, but that was okay because that allowed me to appreciate the place with my senses. The ornate interior was a beautiful sight, and the smell of centuries-old books was something I’ll never forget. Here is a picture of the library, so you can get an idea (Picture credit goes to Prague City Tourism).

Image result for klementinum library

Later in the day we crossed over the famous Charles Bridge to head towards St. Vitus Cathedral. I’m pretty sure I smiled the whole time I crossed the bridge. I couldn’t help myself. The sunset made everything glow, and the bridge is much bigger in person than what you see in pictures + the saint statues on the bridge make you feel like you are in a tale as old as time. Every time I see something so beautiful I like to make a wish! So, just like when I was a little girl, as the wind swept my hair, I closed my eyes and wished away.


Right after crossing the bridge, we saw almost every tourist holding Prague’s famous sweet cinnamon pastry, a Trdelník. Obviously, the curiosity got to me, so I bought one too. The center of these pastries can be filled with whatever your tastebuds desire, so I got mine with vanilla ice cream. It was chewy, sweet, and absolutely delicious! Someone send one this way to Georgia pleaseee.


Our next stop was St. Vitus Cathedral. You can see it from a distance overlooking the city. It was breathtaking. As some people say, it is a gothic masterpiece. After checking out the cathedral, we walked around the castle and towards the The Golden Lane, which is a tiny street filled with a bunch of colorful little historic homes all bunched up together. Walking through The Lane, we came across the little blue home of Franz Kafka, who is one of Scott’s favorite writers. It is now a gift shop that sells Kafka memorabilia, so we couldn’t pass without stopping in. We walked around inside, debated which postcard to buy, and squeezed around the cozy space to find the cash register. Scott was satisfied! You can see so for yourself below in the photo of him outside Kafka’s house, #22.


Our stay in Prague was short and sweet. I think we saw most famous landmarks near downtown and ended day two at the John Lennon Wall. The last day we ate yummy food, drank some delicious Czech beer, and took some slow strolls at through the parks. It was just us two lovebirds falling more in love with the city and each other. fullsizeoutput_1273

Prague is just as romantic as they say. Old towers, cobblestone streets, gothic architecture, funky buildings (like the Dancing House), a glimmering river below the Charles Bridge, gorgeous panoramas of red roof buildings, and the best dark beers in Europe. I think it was love at first sight! Here are a few more pictures we captured during our dreamy strolls throughout the city.






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