Hi! I’m Adriana and welcome to our fun travel blog!

I live for fun travels, healthy food, outdoor running, painting, and meditation! At the age of 2, I began traveling with my mom to Mexico to visit family. My heart was the happiest when I was there… I was a little butterfly running around El Zocalo (the main square), chasing cotton candy pieces floating in the air, searching for the yummy churro stand, and loving on every street dog I could. One of my favorite memories as a child was making little goodie bags with my mom and filling them with small snacks and water to give out to the homeless in Mexico City. We did that every time we visited Mexico. I remember the look of the beautifully wrinkled grandmothers, the aging mothers and fathers hugging and thanking little 8 year old me for thinking about them and their children. That just warmed my heart! I believe that spending time in another country, sharing moments with the local people, and falling in love with the beautiful culture opened up my eyes and my soul to the beauty that exists outside my own little bubble. Ever since then, my love for new places, food, and people grew immensely.

One fun fact about me is that my dad lives in Germany so now, I have the wonderful opportunity to visit and stay with my dad + hop around Europe!

My boyfriend Scott is currently in school getting his PhD in Geography. So his knowledge and love for travel and my passion for travel are what led me to create this fun blog about our adventures!

We are two big kids with two big happy hearts, in love and ready to set sail on this beautiful globe we call earth.

We are Two Hearts One Globe 💙💙🌍✨

Published by twoheartsoneglobe

I love to travel, run, paint, and healthy eatsss

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