Joshua Tree Engagement

Have you ever had one of those days on vacation where you look around and everything feels just right because the scenery is breathtaking, the sky is bluer then the Caribbean sea, and a diamond is shining brighter than the sun? Oh wait because it was! Yup, that was me at Joshua Tree. I was engaged, and it was magical!!!

Let’s rewind a bit. Scott and I begin planning a trip to Los Angeles + Joshua Tree in October 2018. There was a conference in LA Scott wanted to attend for school, so I decided I would tag along and join the adventure. Usually during these conferences, he is gone for most of the day so it’s just me, myself, and I. I usually don’t mind solo travel but this time I thought it would be nice to explore with a friend. So what better person to ask than the woman who knows me the most and knows how to have a fun time, my sweet mom?

Now fast forward to March 1, 2019. My mom was planning her own trip to Mexico City to visit our family, so I knew I would probably get no for an answer. All my mom said when I talked to her over the phone was “I’ll think about it”. Scott was already set to present at his LA conference the week of April 24-28, but we still had not bought our plane tickets because we weren’t sure if my mom was going to join us in LA. Around the last week of March, my mom called me and told me that she would love to join us in LA, but unfortunately she was really busy planning her trip to Mexico. I was quite bummed and didn’t even know if I wanted to go to LA anymore. Scott told me to think about it over the next two days before he booked his flight.

Well, two days later my mom calls and tells me she changed her mind and that she would love to explore LA with us! I was so happy! After I got off the phone with my mom, I ran over to Scott to tell him my mom was coming, and we were both thrilled! Now little did I know, during those two days I was unsure about whether I would go on the trip or not, Scott had called my mom to ask for her permission to marry me!! He called her on campus where I was out of sight and told my mom how much he loved me and how it would mean the world to the both of us if she could be there for the moment of our engagement. My mom later told me some of the deats after the engagement, saying she was driving on her way back home from work when Scott called her to ask the big question. She told me she had to ask Scott to repeat what he had just asked her hahaha. She said YES!! There was one thing… she had to keep it a secret!! That night my mom said she really wanted to celebrate about her excitement of the news with her sisters, but she did her duty and played it off really well. So Scott already knew my mom was going to join us on the trip before I did. Funny how things work out!

Scott knew California was where he wanted to ask for my hand in marriage, but he didn’t know where in California. Also, if you are wondering, Scott had the ring hidden with him in our little apartment since November 2018!! Brb crying! Like wow that makes my heart so happy just thinking about it + how sneaky he was hiding the ring and not giving it away!! I’m usually really good at telling when people are up to something, but Scott and my mom got me good! I had no idea because it felt like any other trip we’ve taken like the one where the three of us went to San Francisco or Germany, Paris, etc.

There were other sneaky things that they did too. For example, a few days before our trip, my mom gave me money to get my nails done. She told me she it was because we were going to be in Beverly Hills eating out the fanciest of the fanciest places. But later she admitted that she told me to get a manicure because she knew I was going to get proposed to and needed pretty nails for pictures! But I was clueless, so I was like “Okay! Yeah Beverly Hills! Sounds good!” haha. We packed our bags, did last minute errands, and Scott triple checked he had the ring with him before heading to the airport.

Oh hi Los Angeles, you beauty! We were in LA from Wednesday to Friday where we explored, shopped, and dined at the cutest farm to table restaurants + cafes. We of course had lots of lattes and stopped by Cha Cha Matcha – where I met Simi & Haze (they are besties with all the top models right now) It was fab! We explored Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach, Malibu, and many of the goods LA has to offer. It was fun, but let’s fast forward to Saturday, the big day where we planned a full day at Joshua Tree + a visit to Coachella to visit my mom’s best friend!

That morning, Scott woke up extra, extra early to shower, shave and pick his best hiking clothes, which isn’t really him haha. He usually throws on whatever he finds and hits the road lol. Looking back, that seems odd to me now, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. After dressing, we picked up snacks, water, food, and smoothies for the road from one of my favorite organic markets, Erewhon. Like as if the day could not have started any better! My mom bought champagne which she said was to “cheers with her long time best friend she had not seen in years.” In reality, it was to celebrate our engagement! Sneaky sneaky! After a snack run, we made our way to Joshua Park. My original plan was to drive to a specific trail, but we ended up starting at the welcome center because I had no idea how big the park was. It worked out perfectly because Scott knew the Park was where he wanted to ask me but had no idea what trail offered the most scenic views.

The welcome center had just what we needed: a map! Scott was very focused and picky about which trail we had to take, and I found it kinda strange because he usually doesn’t care where we hike. I’m usually the one that plans the itinerary, and this time he decided to take charge. I didn’t think too much of it though because it was kind of nice to relax and let him decide :). He circled three specific trails on the map and said he would like to visit Keys View first because of the sweeping panorama of the Coachella Valley. So we headed out to the park, paid our $30 entrance fee, and cruised into the hot dessert. On our route to Keys View, I asked if we could pull over to take pictures with the Joshua Trees. There are many places on the road where you can pull over and snap pics, I mean everywhere you go is beautiful. We walked along a path next to thousands of Joshua Trees. I didn’t want to walk out too far because we were on a tight schedule to say the least. But Scott looked like he was on a mission. Again it never crossed my mind; I just figured he was really into this park and was very excited to explore! He looked around the path and walked more than I had planned, but then he turned around, we snapped a few more pics with the trees and headed to the car. Little did I know he was trying to see if that path could be a place he could propose to me instead of Keys View. But we kept moving.


On our way to Keys View we blasted happy tunes, and my mom video taped the fun car ride, telling me to turn around and wave to the camera. In my head, I thought it was a fun video but later found out she took the video as our last moments as boyfriend and girlfriend! So sneaky! As we were pulling into the Keys View parking lot, the song “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure came on. We stopped the song right before the first verse started. It’s one of my favorite love songs and it put me in such a happy mood… little did I know what was next to come! We grabbed our bags and made our way towards the trail with the best panoramic views and less people. While I took in the stunning views and snapped pictures of a ladybug I found on this cute little plant, Scott made his way past me, again on a mission. I was like “Wow, he’s very excited!”. He hiked to the top. I saw him looking around up there, but I figured he was looking for a spot for all of us to sit and take in the views + eat our lunch. But I know now that he was looking for the place to ask!

As Scott was scouting for the right spot, my mom snapped pictures of me on these pretty rocks I found halfway up the hike. It kind of reminded me of a mini version of Pride Rock. Next thing you know, Scott’s running back down the mountain because he was being chased by bees!lolz  He was getting grumpy haha because I guess the bees were ruining his moment. I think at this point we were all getting attacked by bees, so Scott was like let’s just go check out the other trail. My mom also told me to put away her selfie stick because she didn’t need it anymore…I was kinda sad because the view was prettier where we were, and I really wanted a picture with my mom and Scott at those rocks. Darn.


Well, out of nowhere, Scott turns around and tells me, “You know what forget the bees, would you like to take a picture with me on that rock before we head down?” I was thrown off because he never really requests for pictures; it’s always me haha. I was like “Okay! Why not! :))”. I handed my mom my camera, and then she asked me if I could take out her selfie stick from her backpack (mind you, I had just put it away for her 5 minutes ago lol). Clueless me was like sure! Scott and I headed over to the rock and while Scott was taking off his glasses, hat, jacket, backpack, and everything haha, I posed on the rock not looking back (he was behind). I didn’t even notice my mom setting up her iPhone on her selfie stick for a video! I guess my mom didn’t really know when Scott was going to ask, but once she saw him stumbling behind me and acting very nervous, she knew this was it! So my mom slyly distracted me by telling me to fix my hair and smile and face a certain way because of the “sun”. I gladly took the advice, but then I was like “Why is Scott taking so long for a picture? Is he okay?” It had felt like 10 minutes since I had last turned around to look at Scott, so I turned my head to ask him if he was ready for the picture…and WOW! My eyes were grabbed by an extremely sparkly something. It kinda felt like my eyes were a camera adjusting the blur of this unknown object. Then it hit me, this was it, the moment for which I had been patiently waiting for seven years! As my head was spinning, I hear my sweetest love ask, “Will you marry me?” I was over the moon!!! It was a moment of pure happiness. I got a little lightheaded but in a good way! The ring gleamed so beautifully, but my love for Scott and his love for me twinkled even brighter. I couldn’t help but cry because my love for him is so strong, and I couldn’t believe I was about to exit the boyfriend stage as a fiancé! I said YES!!! We were both so nervous that I grabbed the ring and put it on myself on the wrong hand lol. Then we kissed with so many tears of joy! After my head came back from the clouds, I remembered my mom! The most important women in my life was there to witness our special engagement. I couldn’t believe it! I ran over to hug her and thanked God for this perfect blessing. This is all I ever wanted and my heart had never been more in love! Shoutout to my mom for capturing the moment.


After the proposal, we continued on to the next adventures as we grooved to the song we left off with, Just Like Heaven. That became our song that will always bring back memories of the day we got engaged at Joshua Tree National Park on April 27, 2019. On the rest of our trip, it was so hard to focus because I was living in a dream, and my soul was the happiest it’s ever been. We stopped at Jumbo Rocks Campground, Cholla Cactus Garden, snapped more pics. Funny thing…the only people at the time that knew about the proposal were Scott, my mom, and me. The next person to know was my mom’s long-time friend, who we visited right after we finished up Joshua Tree. He congratulated us and even agreed to marry us on our big day (he’s a Catholic Priest)! We topped off this perfect day by celebrating with him and his friend at the tastiest Mexican restaurant and taking home a bag of the finest local dates straight from the Coachella Valley. It was truly an unforgettable day, a day I fell even more in love with my best friend, my soulmate. It was just like heaven 🙂

Happy Thursday!!!






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2 thoughts on “Joshua Tree Engagement

  1. Congratulations on your engagement. I am always happy when I see people happy and cheerful. True happiness is very rare. I wish you and your partner happiness of lifetime and togetherness!


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