Salzburg… A city filled with history, beautiful gardens, and a world famous chocolate… Mozartkugel! This city was a perfect base for visiting Hallstatt and Berchtesgaden National Park (Click here to read about our trip to Berchtesgaden)  Salzburg is a city with beautiful Baroque architecture and shops selling chocolate named after the one and only, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Continue reading “Austria”

Fairytale Dreaming in Berchtesgaden National Park

If fairy tales are real, then this dreamy park in Germany has to be one. It’s a place filled with pure magic. You look around and your delicate pupils catch a glimpse of the clear, glimmering lakes with different shades of blue, along with the beautiful mirror-like reflections of the mountains on a sunny day.Continue reading “Fairytale Dreaming in Berchtesgaden National Park”

Endless Beauty in Iceland

If I could be anywhere in the world right now, I would choose Iceland. Every corner you turn, the scenery is straight from a magazine. The whole time I felt like I was outta this world. Iceland had been a place I had dreamed about since I was a child…Sooo, spontaneous little me planned thisContinue reading “Endless Beauty in Iceland”